Friday, July 27, 2012

What did I miss?

I realized it's been a month since I've posted. I've been wanting to sit down and write a new post for a while now but I've been busy, busy, busy and just haven't had the time.

One of the reasons I haven't had time to post lately is that, in addition to a plethora of responsibilities when I occasionally do have some time to spend at home I've been wanting to spend it seeing Lance, who just got home from his mission.

It's kind of funny having a brother come home from a two-year break from things like television, movies, music, politics, Facebook and home. It makes you see changes that you didn't even notice happen over time, but the missionaries come home and say "What the heck?! Since when does my baby brother have as deep of a voice as me?" It's kind of hard to maintain your alpha status among brothers when they get established without you and then when you come back you're shorter than they are :)

So it's been funny introducing Lance to new music, new people who have moved in, new TV shows, etc. Lance went through the Top 100 songs for the last couple of years the other day and was like "Wow, I really didn't miss much did I?" I was able to point out a few excellent new artists (yay Adele!) but when I started thinking about all of the sort of catchy but totally vapid synthesized girly pop (think Call Me Maybe and Katy Perry's TGIF) along with the rap that all sounds the same (just plug in various synonyms for the words "Hot girls. My girl is hot. That girl is hot. You girl are hot. I like hot girls.") I realized he was mostly right.

He's also gotten to see some movies he missed while he was gone. He liked Thor and Inception. He almost fell asleep during the movie he refers to as "Harry Potter goes camping." As for TV, every time we want to turn on a show he shouts "Stop! I don't want to get hooked! It won't be tempting to watch TV at school if I don't know about any of the new shows." So we've mostly been watching movies.

As for politics, I don't think he cares much. The headlines haven't changed have they? Candidate A insults candidate B. Candidate C makes a gaffe. Blah blah blah showdown blah blah crisis blah blah symbolic vote blah blah apology blah blah vacation photos blah blah Muslim and a Socialist blah blah didn't have an affair with that woman blah blah oh wait you mean THAT woman, oops I guess I did blah blah ethics scandal blah blah blah resigned to spend more time with family.

As for sports, I watched pityingly as he had to relive the wonders of The Year of the Jimmer via YouTube. It just isn't the same, you know? At least he didn't have to relive BYU football that year...