Friday, March 26, 2010

In pursuit of a meal

Hey all... I apologize for my unexpected haitus from the blogging world. I know you all missed my wit and sarcasm terribly :) Unfortunately, the real world interfered with my social media-ing in the form of various papers and tests. Anyways... I was thinking today about the great lengths college students will go to get free food. I was thinking about it as I sat through a rather long (more than an hour), somewhat awkward and occasionally tense meeting that was completely optional, all for the sake of some free pizza. Some of my colleagues sensed a trap and were smart enough to stay away, but despite the fact that I foresaw the potential for much awkwardness, I was hungry, and there was pizza. Good pizza. So I went. This wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened. In face, the day before I stayed at my workplace unpaid for an extra hour, also in the pursuit of free pizza. Which considering I make $9.50 an hour, may not have been mathematically sound. It is my belief that if all the clubs and organizations on campus stopped enticing poor, starving students with the promise of mint brownies and other unspecified "refreshments," said organizations would cease to exist, with the exception of a few, such as the Medieval Club, whose members do not necessarily follow the normal behavioral patterns of your average college kid. I have seen people sit through many extrordinarily long and boring presentations in pursuit of a 2X2" square of brownie and some Kool-Aid. I have also seen people promise their vote for student body president away for a piece of candy. I wonder if this principle could be applied beyond the bounderies of campus? Of course, adults (real adults, not the college variety) would probably have to be bought off with a little bit more than a fun-sized Twix, but I wonder if a donut would do it? Could I rule the world, one pizza slice at a time? It's possible. After all, today's leaders are yesterday's starving college student, and deep down, I am sure that the insatiable desire for pizza is still there. This has potential...

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