Friday, February 19, 2010

Internet Privacy- yeah, right

My original intent was to post on here every day, but obviously that's going about as well as my goal to write in my journal every day. I was reading a blog by a Newsweek staffer today about Facebook and Google Buzz invading our privacy. "Internet privacy" kind of seems like an oxymoron to me. It amazes me that people get surprised or even upset when their personal information becomes common knowledge after they post it on a blog or Facebook. I don't care how good your privacy settings are, you shouldn't post anything ON THE INTERNET that you wouldn't be okay with everyone knowing. It's like people who tell reporters things during an interview and then get their knickers in a twist when they're quoted on the front page. Hello? That's kind of the point. Sure, I've got my Facebook privacy settings on "friends only" and I'm careful about who I friend, but that doesn't mean I'm so naive I would post pictures of me doing something illegal/unprofessional/stupid and not think a current/potential boss may see them. Who knows, I might be friends with his nephew. So yes, I am highly suspicious of the privacy factors of Google Buzz, but I have a solution: don't post anything on there I don't want everyone in my contact list to see. Genius, right?

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