Friday, February 19, 2010

On having all brothers

I have all brothers. Three, to be exact, and they're all younger than me. Some people think this is cool. Others equate it to being raised by wolves. Whatever the case, it has definitely given me a different perspective on life than some of my female counterparts. Some "I was raised with brothers" moments from this year:

1) At a ward activity two sisters with the last name of Gay mentioned that they were spending Thanksgiving with "the Gay side of the family." Only two people snickered: me and the only guy at the table.
2) During a religion class we were talking about the sacrament when the professor ran over to the board and started drawing a chart with six numbers and arrows everywhere. While all the girls around me asked what the heck it was, I immediately recognized it as a map of the positions for passing the sacrament.
3) During an analysis of Superbowl commercials in a media class a girl asked why a cell phone commercial was effective when it didn't even talk about what the phone did. While all the other girls nodded in agreement I said rolled my eyes and said "Because it featured Megan Fox in a bathtub." The guys' response: "Darn straight."
4) I had to go to the lost and found and ask for the jacket I had left in class. I was describing the color and style when the girl rolled her eyes impatiently. "What brand is it?" she asked. Me: "Um...Kmart?"
5) During a round of catch phrase I guessed all the Star Wars/Trek related clues and none of the chick flick quotes.

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